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Vancouver Custom Home Builders

Building Space Custom Homes, Ltd. builds your dream to last. We work in an efficient, skilled, and stress-free manner using the best materials for the job and budget. You’re assured of superior results, and you’ll enjoy the process of getting there, too!

With over 30 years of experience, the Building Space Custom Homes, Ltd. team will pour all of our expertise and smart building strategies into your project. We can suggest materials, color combinations, and design thoughts you may have never considered. What’s more, our low-overhead management skills means we deliver high-level work at a price that’s right for you.

Our Services

Custom Home Building

You’re putting a great deal of your energy and resources into building a new home, so we treat it as such: a major investment.

Home Additions

Whether it’s a new deck, an extra story, a new nursery, or an entertainment room, creating a home addition isn’t just a matter of construction.

Major Home Renovations

Building Space is proficient in all kinds of home renovations including kitchen remodels, bathroom redesign, laneway homes, etc.

Advantages of Working With Us

Knowledge, Creativity and Craftsmanship

What makes Building Space Custom Homes, Ltd. projects superior? First, our team has decades of experience in the building industry, allowing us to hone our knowledge, creativity, and craftsmanship. We don’t just drive down nails and meet the building code – we apply techniques that make each home comfortable and highly durable.

Starting a home for you and your kids? We know what works best for growing families. Want to stay cozy through good and bad weather? We can make sure your home outlasts the seasons. Aiming to sell the property? We’ll help you maximize its resale value.

Awards & Memberships
Awards & Memberships