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A custom laneway house designed especially for your needs. Crafted to meet your goals. Fully compliant, long-lasting, and beautiful.

Building Space Custom Homes, Ltd. can build the perfect laneway house for you! Vancouver homeowners add laneway suites to give housing to aging parents, create a rental or B&B opportunity, or to increase space in an existing home.  Our custom laneway homes are superior to prefabricated units, as every frame and every corner is specifically designed to match your preferences and goals.

Laneway Home Builders

Work with Building Space if you want to…

  • Build or remodel a laneway home that fits your specifications
  • Have a laneway home that’s attractive, comfortable, and durable
  • Get the smoothest, most stress-free build experience possible.

Let’s talk about the laneway house you want and how Building Space can help you realize it. Call us at (604) 726-5839 for a consultation.

What is a Laneway Home?

Also called a laneway suite, lane house, or informally, a granny flat, a laneway home is a self-contained residential unit added on the same lot as a main house. It’s typically built on the backyard of the property with access to a public laneway, hence the name. Alternatively, an existing structure such as a garage or coach house can be renovated into a laneway suite.

Laneway suites have become popular in Vancouver, thanks in large part to city initiatives. Vancouverites themselves find that adding a laneway home provides benefits such as:

  • Creating a new income stream by renting out the unit
  • Providing a separate but nearby residence for family members such as grown children or older parents
  • Allowing family caregivers to live close by
  • Utilizing more space in the property

Though a laneway home is often seen as a mini add-on to the main house, it can be built as a handsome, independent residence complete with its own systems for comfortable living. This is what we do at Building Space – building thoughtful, specially crafted laneway homes that anyone would be proud to live in.

Building Space Takes Care of Everything for Your Laneway Home Building

In Vancouver, building a laneway house is subject to a number of regulations such as site eligibility, size limits, and tree protection. You don’t have to stress about any of these, though, as Building Space handles everything for you. Our comprehensive service includes permitting and compliance with city by-laws, on top of our expert-led designing and construction process.

Here’s an overview of our process for building a laneway home:

  1. Designing – When you sign on with Building Space, our designers, engineers, and advisors collaborate with you to create a full picture of your soon-to-be laneway suite. With your vision as the highest priority, they’ll apply their building expertise to develop the most practical and appealing version of your ideas.
  2. Budgeting and timeline – You’ll receive a thorough costing of the agreed design, then we’ll discuss any adjustments you wish to make, ensuring that the final budget fits your specifications without compromising the outcome.
    We’ll also provide an estimated schedule of the project, based on our decades of real-world experience building in Vancouver. We’ve created a handbook detailing every step of the process, keeping us moving on schedule without missing anything.
  3. Permitting – We handle all the paperwork for you – from building code compliance to securing permits to arranging surveys and inspections.
  4. Construction work – Our trusted craftspeople will now construct your laneway house, with our experienced project managers steering the process to ensure it stays on time and on budget. Your space will be in the hands of carefully vetted professionals who adhere to best practices during and after the project. You’ll also get regular and transparent updates from our team.
  5. Post-build follow-ups – Now your laneway home is done! Our service continues, however, as we go the extra mile to ensure everything is clean and tidy. We’ll walk you through the completed project, and in the rare event you find an issue, we’re ready to fix it ASAP.

Every home we build at Building Space is covered by the National Home Warranty’s 2-5-10-year protection. Widely recognized as one of Canada’s strongest home warranty programs, it provides coverage for plumbing and electricals, home exteriors, structural defects, emergency living, and plenty more, protecting your lane house for years after building.

Get started on your ideal laneway home. Schedule your consultation with Building Space, the home builder that Vancouver residents trust. Call us at (604) 726-5839 today.

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