Net Zero Home Builder in Metro Vancouver

A comfortable home for lower costs? A major reno that’s up-to-date with the new BC code? We can build it for you with our certified energy-efficient, high-performance approach.

It’s anyone’s dream to have a home with the most reliable heating, effective cooling, and excellent ventilation, all while keeping maintenance costs low. With Building Space Custom Homes, Ltd., this dream home is well within your reach.

Building Space uses net zero technologies to build homes and complete renovations that are utterly cozy and cost-efficient throughout their lifetime. The systems we put in place make your home a premium property in the market, or a highly conducive place to raise your own family. And because our team includes a certified net zero advisor, you can trust that your home is more than code-compliant – it’s a completely pleasant place to live in.

Let’s talk about doing your home build or remodel the net zero way. Call Building Space at (604) 726-5839.

Net Zero Home Builder

What is a Net Zero Home?

A net zero home is one that generates as much energy as it consumes, so it purchases zero net energy from the local utility company. It produces its own power typically through renewable energy systems such as solar panels, geothermal heating, or wind turbines.

As a failsafe for rare instances when their self-generated energy supply isn’t enough, net zero homes may remain connected to the energy grid. Conversely, when net zero homes have a surplus of energy supply, they can store it in a battery to be sold to the utility company.

Can I Have a High-Performance Home That’s Net zero?

Absolutely! A high-performance home means superior livability, and that goes hand-in-hand with net zero. When you work with us at Building Space, we’ll design and build your net zero infrastructure geared for maximum efficiency, durability, and sustainability. Your energy-efficient, high-performance home can give you an array of benefits, including:

  • Increased comfort and healthier air quality from highly efficient HVAC systems, keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter
  • Less expensive operation due to passive heating and airtight insulation
  • Longer reliability and lower maintenance costs thanks to updated durability standards
  • Environment-friendly systems that help prevent greenhouse gas emissions and climate change
  • Higher property resale value with our forward-thinking systems.

Whether you’re ready to go net zero or are planning a net zero-ready home, we’re eager to collaborate with you. Your Building Space team will include a certified Net Zero Energy Advisor who will help craft the most suitable infrastructure for your home or reno. You get only the most qualified professionals when you choose Building Space!

BC Step Code: Why Do BC Homes Need Net Zero?

Recognizing the advantages of energy efficiency, the Province of British Columbia introduced the BC Energy Step Code, a step-by-step plan to gradually transition all new BC construction to net zero-ready by 2032. Prior to this regulation, conventional homes had to comply with the “basic” BC Building Code, but now, builders must go beyond that, adopting newer systems, methods, and materials that make homes more energy-efficient.

This is what we already do at Building Space! Our highly trained designers, advisors, and craftspeople are already experienced in the requirements of the BC Step Code. We’re also continually educating ourselves on the latest – and future – technologies for high-performance net-zero homes.

More than that, we apply creativity and strategy to fine-tune your net-zero infrastructure specifically to your preferences and needs. Your home will comply with the code while staying true to your personal vision.

When will you need to comply with the BC Step Code? BC municipalities are implementing the Step Code at various paces. For instance, in the District of West Vancouver, single-family homes built after February 28, 2021 must be compliant with Step 3 of the Code (20 percent more energy-efficient). The District of North Vancouver followed suit, implementing the same requirement on July 1, 2021.

Consult with Building Space to learn Step Code requirements in your area and the best way to incorporate these in your build. If you already have ideas for your net zero home or remodel, we’re ready to listen and put everything together for you! Call us at (604) 726-5839 today.

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