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Switching to a passive home? Great decision. Trust your home build to an equally great team.
Building Space Custom Homes, Ltd. is Vancouver’s choice builder.

Imagine a home that stays cozy all year round, at much lower costs and with less maintenance. Now imagine building this passive home without stress or worry. That’s what we do at Building Space.

We are a comprehensive design+build team with extensive experience in energy efficiency, BC Step Code, and innovative systems for a high-performance residence. Based in Vancouver, we’ve built passive homes from the ground up and retrofitted existing buildings to Passive House standards. With our all-in project management, our clients never have to break a sweat – they can relax and watch our process until the passive home of their dreams is complete.

Passive Home Builder

Let’s get started on your custom passive home or renovation. Schedule your consultation with Building Space by calling (604) 726-5839.

The Phenomenal Benefits of a Passive Home

A “passive house” refers to its passive or non-mechanical means of heating such as solar or internal heat gains. But the passive house concept is much more than indoor heating. It involves high-performing systems and techniques all over the house that keep the home thoroughly comfortable while limiting energy consumption. Because of these, a passive home offers many advantages, including:

  • Up to 90 percent reduction in space heating and cooling demand
  • Net zero or net zero-ready – the house produces its own energy, minimizing dependence on the utility company and complying with BC Energy Step Code
  • Superior heating and cooling in any weather
  • Healthier indoor air quality
  • Durable up-to-date systems that require less maintenance
  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions, helping fight climate change
  • Increased property resale value.

With Building Space, you can look forward to a passive home that’s beneficial and practical – and beautiful, too. We seamlessly combine technical expertise with aesthetic sensibilities, and apply these to your personal vision of how your house should look and feel. The result? Your gorgeous dream home materialized, built for year-round comfort and maximum efficiency.

See How Building Space Creates Your Passive Home

When you sign on with Building Space, you’ll get a team of experienced designers, engineers, and craftspeople, guided by a Passive House Canada certified consultant. They’ll listen to your ideas and needs for your passive house, then collaborate with you to complete the design. This will be a meticulous but exciting process as your ideas are fine-tuned and enhanced with passive house technologies.

What kind of technologies do we use for Building Space passive homes? We’ve successfully put together high-performance infrastructure and techniques such as:

  • Ultra-insulated house envelopes
  • Continuous, gap-free insulation
  • Airtight construction sealing and plugging
  • Triple-pane windows with insulated frames
  • Solar-maximizing window placement and shading
  • Heat or Energy Recovery Ventilators for continually filtered fresh air
  • Renewable energy systems such as solar photovoltaic arrays
  • Zero-VOC building materials for a healthy atmosphere
  • And many more.

In the designing stage, we specially craft a complete passive house system that’s most suited to your concept. Our approach is comprehensive and result-oriented: instead of separately installing components like windows and HVAC, we tactically plan all components together to create one coherent system that meets your passive house ideals.

By the time construction begins, everything is already planned out and scheduled. Our contractors and craftspeople are carefully vetted for passive house capabilities and work ethic. Your house-building or renovation is in highly capable hands. And throughout the process, our project manager stays in touch with you, making sure you’re aware of the project progress.

Consult with Building Space – Passive Home Builder in Vancouver

Vancouverites approach us at Building Space when they’re excited to live in their own passive house, or when they want to get started in complying with BC Step Code. Whatever your goals are, we’ll listen and are ready to collaborate. Let’s get started on your passive home. Call us at (604) 726-5839 today.

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